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VeacMotor :: SL 200
طراحی سایت و گرافیک
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SL 200

1)with capability of opening leaves with total weight of 400kg
2)with setting system of speed of opening and closing and time of reversing
3)with system of setting the amount of i opening
4)with system of  one way losing
5)with super smart controller with auto setting
6)with super smart safety system .anti collision
7)with remote control for setting the door
8)with safety sensors for preventing from crashing into obstacles/
9)with motor electronic lock
10)with separate key for cutting power
11)with aluminum cover
12)with HD belt for pulling up without noise
13)suitable for indoor and outdoor entrance with high traffic
14)ability to work with framed and frame less lats
15)_ability to be connected to anti-fire systems
16)ability to be connected to UPS
17)ability to be connected to safty devices and anti fire systems
18)dimensions of cover and operators up to430mm
19)smart ,powerful.noiseless
20)beautiful  structure and suitable for any decorations

21)2 year guaranty and 10 years post sell services

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